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Thozi’s ResumAI

Welcome to Thozi’s ResumAI

If you don’t work with me or follow me on Twitter then it’s likely that you don’t know of my obsession with the latest developments in AI. Human’s invented the first calculator for numbers 400 years ago. More recently, a quantum leap was taken with the public launch of ChatGPT – or what I like to think of as a calculator for words or language.

My interest in AI developed prior to launch of ChatGPT as it aligned to and enabled my solopreneurship journey. It was ChatGPT that evolved an interest into an obsession and the R360 monthly subscription I pay for premium is easily dwarfed by the tools ability to shorten the distance between curiosity and implementation in every aspect of my life.

Skills and knowledge can often be glossed over in the format of a traditional resume or CV. Additionally, there’s also the question of whether you can take someone’s word for the skills they’ve listed on their resume. In an effort to surmount this trust deficit, I thought it’d be better to show you with proof of work rather than just tell you I’m interested and skilled in AI.

Enter Thozi’s ResumAI. An AI chatbot experience of my resume powered by the state-of-the-art GPT LLM. A virtual expression of my professional journey, ResumAI is fully trained on every chapter of my resume and every stitch of my work experience. Whether you’re curious about my skills, my career highlights, or that one time I won an African Blogger Award, my AI assistant is here, ready to indulge your curiosity at a moment’s notice.

But bear with me, this experience is still in its beta phase. I’m constantly tweaking and improving it, and your feedback plays a crucial role in that process. I welcome and appreciate your insights – the good, the bad, and the unexpected. So, if you experience any hiccups, spot a glitch, or feel that something just doesn’t quite fit right, please do let me know. Your input is not just valued – it’s vital.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in. Chat, explore, and don’t forget to share your experiences. I can’t wait to hear from you!