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RE/Max Team All-In SEO & SEM

Strategic digital marketing propels a regional real estate team to online prominence, enhancing visibility and generating significant leads.

The Challenge

RE/Max Team All-In, an independent franchise part of the RE/Max network, specialises in assisting buyers and sellers of residential properties in Western Cape’s with their key region being the Northern Suburbs and surrounds. With 15 years of collective experience, the duo conducted their marketing and promotional operations predominantly offline relying on traditional activity. They had a minimal online presence consisting of a Facebook business page and a personal LinkedIn profile which were updated casually without strategic direction.

Following the expansion of their team and their service offering, there emerged a pressing need for a strategic digital presence to supplement and amplify the success of their traditional marketing efforts. We were tasked with cultivating brand relevance among new digital audiences looking to buy, sell, or rent properties in their key regions. Crucially, we also had to convert that brand attention into action by driving quality leads in the form of property viewing inquiries.

The Approach

Over five months, we embarked on a comprehensive strategy to elevate RE/Max Team All-In’s digital footprint. Our initial steps involved in-depth research and analysis of the client’s brand, market dynamics & competitors, and the targeted audience. We then used the insights from the discovery phase to craft detailed customer personas that provided the platform for our strategic direction – guiding how we speak, what messages we seed, and how we distribute those messages to our audience in a way that ensures they are not just aware of our client but also engaged and converted into leads.

Utilising our proprietary ATTENTION∞ACTION strategic framework we uncovered an insight on the consumer purchase cycle for real estate. The observation made it evident that our strategy had to be anchored on their own fully-owned digital real estate. While it wasn’t in the client’s initial consideration set, a website presence stood as the best opportunity to accommodate the protracted purchase cycle. This required significant investment that the client hadn’t planned for. With clear, data-driven, and customer-centric reasoning that detailed the tactical use of SEO and paid advertising, the clients decision became an easy one to make. They saw a clear and jargon-free roadmap for how we’d generate attention and turn it into action to move the needle for their business objectives.

Highlighted below is a selection of some of the key tactics and activity from our approach:

  • Web Development: Design and development of a wordpress website that was visually appealing, user-friendly, mobile-responsive and SEO-optimised.
  • Seach-Engine Optimisation: Our SEO efforts were anchored in strategic keyword selection, a robust internal linking structure, and the creation of high-quality content that equally accommodated the value sought by human readers and the technical demands of website crawlers that help them find relevant websites. This approach enabled us to establish concentrated topical relevance and drive results without the used of backlinks.
    • Keyword Research: We identified 300+ relevant keywords in our research, which we narrowed down to 30 target keywords that had a low ranking difficulty score and reasonable search volume. 15 SEO-optimised regional pages were created for transactional intent keywords and 6 articles were published for informational intent keywords.
    • Internal Linking Architecture: We created a sitemap that prioritised an extensive internal linking architecture with exact-match text anchoring. The interlinking network between brand, transactional, and informational pages created strong ranking signals.
    • High-Quality, Valuable Content: With a focus on addressing audience-intent, simplified language, authoritive citations and relevant media, we ensured our content stood out by filling all the gaps left by top-ranked results making it more informative and valuable.
  • Paid Social Advertising: A small portion of our media budget was allocated to Facebook ads, using precise targeting to reach our intended audience. Optimisation was geared towards driving website visits, with a remarketing strategy in place for lead conversion.
  • Paid Search Advertising: To expedite lead generation, our media spend was primarily allocated to Google Ad campaigns for regions where we had the most property listings. This aimed directly at capturing leads by targeting transactional intent keyword to reach potential customer who were further down the purchase funnel

The Results

Our integrated digital marketing strategy yielded impressive outcomes for RE/Max Team All-In:


leads generated with a cost-per-lead of ZAR55


page feature for key region page which was ranked 4th on the SERP for the relevant transactional-intent keyword


keywords ranked across the site with a 3.1% CTR for organic search


average monthly increase in total search traffic

Through strategic planning, tactical execution, and a focus on data-driven results, RE/Max Team All-In successfully transitioned from a primarily offline presence to a formidable online force, with our initial SEO efforts still organically driving traffic and capturing leads after the conclusion of our partnership.