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Roja Parfums Performance Marketing

Performance advertising sees exponential increase in returns on ad spend for luxury UK perfumer

The Challenge

Roja Parfums is an independent luxury perfume brand from Britain which was founded by renowned perfumer, Roja Dove. The brand’s primary sales channel is a Shopify e-commerce store and they were running paid advertising across social media in the UK with the key objective being to drive sales. Having launched a new fragrance, client had an existing agency for the UK region and was looking to collaborate with a new partner using new tactics to lead their efforts in the US region. The key metric for success was to have a positive ROI with the goal of 4 times return-on-ad-spend.

Our Approach

Before the commencement of our campaign an audit of all ads accounts was conducted alongside research to benchmark advertising within the luxury goods domain. This formed the basis of our media plan allowing us to manage expectations and find common ground on clear and measurable objectives.
With a customer-centric data-driven approach centred on experimentation and iteration we went about configuring channel selection, messaging and content formats. The key tactics which contributed to the success of the campaign included the following:

  • Expanding promoted product set to include top-performing fragrances alongside newly launched fragrance
  • Introduction of remarketing campaign sets to leverage existing traffic
  • Regional targeting focused on key traffic regions to get the most value from spend
  • Expanding channel to include Snapchat and Google Ads in addition to Meta. Snapchat was discontinued due to lack of performance while Google Ads would become our best ROAS channel.
  • Meta: Separate ad sets were created for demographics-based, brand/competition-based, interest/behaviour-based and email-list audiences.
  • Dynamic creative setting was used on Meta for testing various versions of copy, imagery and video in order to optimise for what performed best
  • Native Meta catalogues were also introduced to increase click-through-rates and conversions
  • Google Ads: Performance Max, Branded terms and Product terms campaign were used.
  • Consistent performance-based iteration of copy to ensure it spoke to audience needs and drives them to action
  • Consistent performance-based iteration of campaign targeting and settings

We were able to meet and exceed objectives which saw what was meant to be month-long interim measure develop into a 6-month engagement that concluded once client onboarded their new media agency.

The Results

1 300 000+



fragrances sold


decrease in cost-per-acquisition


increase in return-on-ad-spend

Executed as a freelancer