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Nedbank #LetsChangeMoneyHabits

Reshaping brand perception and encouraging a younger audience to see money differently

The Challenge

Nedbank is a financial services provider offering wholesale and relation banking services. At the inception of lockdown in South Africa the bank wanted to double-down on its “commitment to put clients at the heart of everything it does, and use its financial expertise to do good for individuals, families, businesses and society”. In a period of financial uncertainty, Nedbank briefed us on a campaign to educate the audience on changing money habits to persist through this difficult period. The educational aspect also needed to position specific Nedbank services and products as suitable solutions to the various changing needs of their potential customers. Additionally, the campaign needed to appeal to a younger audience. The key success outcomes included awareness, engagement and click-throughs.

Our Approach

We collaborated with 10 influencers on the Nedbank #LetsChangeMoneyHabits campaign over a 3 month period.

  • Influencer selection was aligned to the various Nedbank target segments and product solutions
  • Influencer selection criteria included the ability to craft engagement and authentic content and a personal experience or expertise related to money matters
  • Influencers had freedom to craft their own content related to their personal experience in order to ensure authenticity and engagement with content
  • Content was primarily video content with more of slant towards educational content based on personal experience rather than product focused content.
  • Campaign also included a podcast series to drive further engagement and authenticity
  • Paid media campaign to ensure that the campaign messaging reached a wider audience with greater engagement and website clicks.
  • Content was hosted on the campaign landing page in order to build an audience for the purpose of product remarketing

The Results

5 000 000+


400 000+

video views


engagement rate


click-through rate

Executed during my stint at MSL