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👋🏾 Hey! People call me Thozamile, Thozi, TK or ThoziTheCreator depending on how long they've known me.

I'm a digital marketer and solopreneur whose been helping creators and brands turn attention online into action offline for almost a decade. If you're interested in converting time on screen into dollars in wallet then hit me up for consultation, your podcast or a virtual coffee below.

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Over a period of 7 years, I helped grow some of the most valuable brands in South Africa through various roles at marketing agencies. From campaign management and client services to media sales and heading the influence division; I did it all without a degree.

Then, in 2020, I burned out.

So, searching for a financially liberating work-life balance, I figured out how to help businesses turn attention into action as a freelancer. I could finally combine everything I learnt to manage the entire digital marketing supply chain. Invoicing in Pounds and Ethereum was great for my wallet, but the results we generated were even better for my clients. However, the work-life balance component remained elusive.

Coupled with a regressing economy and the pandemic stealing the only person I truly want to make proud, I had to go back to the drawing board.

This leaves me today, in the role of digital strategy at a start-up creative agency that "redefines desire to provoke action". Ensuring that a step back didn't become a setback, I negotiated for permission to burn the midnight oil and continue offering digital marketing services as a freelancer.

I remain on a mission to transcend employment and journey from freelancer to founder. In order to do that, I'm aggressively employing AI, building internet businesses with high-scale potential and figuring out how to productise my skillset into passive income generators.

Inevitably, I will remove the 'work' component from work-life balance and this website's focus will shift to updates on my nomadic lifestyle.

  • Age: 33
  • Residence: South Africa
  • Freelance: Available
  • Address: Johannesburg


How Can I Help

I help you develop a digital marketing strategy that will help you capture attention online and drive the actions will deliver business goals. This includes choosing the right metrics, understanding your audience, market & brand then distributing relevant content through the right channels.


I help you write, publish and distribute valuable and relevant content to attract, engage and convert a clearly-defined audience. This includes anything from viral tweets designed to drive awareness to detailed thought leadership articles designed to attract qualified leads through SEO.


I help you purchase attention and action across digital media platforms to reach your business goals. From search engines like Google to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter I ensure your spend delivers results by targeting the right audience with relevant content.

Search Engine

I help you craft and optimise your website content so that Google pulls a qualified audience to your services or products. Let's get your business on the first page of search results with the right keywords, high-quality relevant content, SEO-optimised pages and an optimal internal-linking structure.


I help you design and develop a website that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, SEO optimised, mobile responsive and communicates the message and benefits of your business clearly. With more than half the globe on the internet, the digital real estate that is your website is crucial to reaching potential clients.


I help you promote your products or services by seeding content to my audience that champions your brand in my tone and voice. Just tell me your goals and the message and I'll craft the content best suited to reach those goals and seed it to my direct audience or through my network of creators or one of my publications.


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Digital Skills

Level of expertise
  • 80%
    Digital Strategy
  • 85%
    Content Marketing
  • 75%
    Paid Advertising
  • 65%
    Search Engine Optimisation
  • 70%
    Web Design
  • 95%
    Influencer Marketing

MarTech Mastery

Toolset competence
  • Wordpress
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Meta Business Suite
  • Mailchimp
  • ChatGPT
  • Figma


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    Thozi Sejanamane
    Digital Marketer
    • Age: 33
    • Residence: South Africa
    • Freelance: Available
    • Address: Johannesburg